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The Jan Broberg Story

The True Crime Story of a Young Girl Abducted and Brainwashed by a Friend of the Family.

Available in paperback, e-book, and audio book 


Our Community's Vision is to gather people onto the healing path.  As a part of our community you will always be believed and never blamed. As you navigate through your abuse, grooming, trauma and feelings of shame, loneliness, anger and regret your community is here to support you!

We Are "Thrivivors"

  • Resources for Thriving on your Healing Path

  • Special Online Events to Attend

  • Space to Share Stories of Abuse and related Trauma

  • Thrivivors Membership Community (Launching Soon) will also include:

    • "Fireside Chats" with Jan Broberg and/or a Special Guest​

    • "Broberg's Book Club" 

    • "Legally Speaking" - Chats with Law Enforcement, Legal Advisors, Pubic Policy Makers

    • "Therapeutic Practices" - Online Meetings Lead by Trained Group Leaders

    • "In the Orbit" - How to Thrive as a Partner, Parent, Child, Friend or Community Member


Our Podcast Features:

  • Stories of Childhood Sexual Abuse: What Happened, Overcoming and Moving Forward

  • Episodes on How Survivors become Thrivivors, Featuring Best Practices and Resources

  • Special Guests from "A Friend of the Family" including the Brobergs, Cast and Crew

  • Experts from Across the Industry

The Jan Broberg Show

Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 7.53.01 PM.png


Watch A Friend of the Family, a Peacock Original true crime scripted series based on the story of the multiple kidnappings of Jan Broberg.

A Friend of the Family



  • To create a broad community of support on the healing path for survivors of abuse and their families, partners, children, friends, neighborhoods, communities and more.

  • To highlight other organizations, programs and resources that are available to assist on the healing journey.

  • To bring awareness, education and action in a combined effort to prevent abuse.

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